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"She's strong, she'll make it". Do you know them, too, such sentences? They are supposed to cheer you up, give you encouragement. But often you feel pressured and alone. Because what at least people see is what's behind the facade. When the soul is sometimes lonely and afraid. But you know what? That is also completely okay. 


One may be both - strong and weak. 


It is only important to admit the weak moments. To let them out without breaking down, and then to get up again with new energy. 

Sure, everyone wants to hear the story of how bravely one goes through illnesses, traumas or strokes of fate. But that is only half the truth. Because the darker sides are also part of it. They are what make you so incredibly strong. But unfortunately they also leave traces. They are like scars for the soul. And only very few people see them. They are the ones that need time to heal. 


To show yourself to the world today for the first time with the injuries and scars that the disease has brought requires a lot of courage. But this step is all the more important in order to accept oneself as one is. To get to know yourself anew. To learn to love yourself anew. 


And my dear Vanessa, let me tell you, your body tells its own story. And you can be damn proud of it, because it makes you the woman you are today. Beautiful, strong and an unconditional fighter.



strong mind

We don't always have to understand the path that life sometimes takes for us. And often we search in vain for the 'why'. But do we really need the answer? Would it really be the all-changing and the ultimate, whereby one ultimately accepts one's path? Or isn't it rather a question here that the way there is the actual goal?


Have faith in life. 

Have faith in yourself. 

Your path is predetermined for you

and lets you grow and become stronger

- if you face it. 


And it's perfectly okay to have days when you question everything, are sad or angry. As long as you get back up and fight to be on the sunny side of life, you are going exactly your way. Because to see the good in everything, even if everything seems unfair and senseless to you, not everyone can do that. Because it requires courage, strength and above all unconditional trust in life. Life, which has long since made its plan with you. 


Do you have the courage and trust in it?

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