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08 | 08 | 2025

Of course I am burning for photography, what photographer doesn't? And I also always love to venture into new projects and try myself out.

But there is so much more to it.

Because everyone tells a story. And THAT is what it's all about for me.

Whether it's a love story with a happy ending or not, whether it's a fight for life & death, whether it's strokes of fate or the normal everyday madness that you have to fight with. We are so many people, with so many multi-faceted personalities. And I can't get enough of soaking up as many stories as I can. 


I've met people who have given me goosebumps with their love stories. People who never stopped fighting at any moment despite being sick. People who also admitted their weak moments in their illnesses. People who were separated for a long time & still found each other in the end. People who unfortunately do not consider themselves beautiful. And I lost a person who showed me how precious it is to enjoy every single day with gratitude.




Whop whooop! I am so happy that you discovered me! The person behind the camera tells their very own story. And if you think that it does not concern you, then you are very wrong. The chemistry between photographer & client is SO IMPORTANT. After all, we are accompanying you on one of the most important days of your life! You should be able to let yourself go with your photographer. And the best way to do that is to get to know each other beforehand. 


So here we go: Here's a little insight from me!

I am Kira, destination wedding photographer from Stuttgart. Together with my girlfriend and my daughter we experience the most beautiful family madness and discover the beautiful sides of life in every day. And these are always to be highlighted.


"Every life is beautiful" meet me and my person pretty well. Because I am positive through and through. I always see the good in everything, even if that is sometimes more and sometimes less easy.


Due to my German-Peruvian mentality I love to dance the nights away in good company, game nights with friends and always getting to know new people and their stories. Pasta & wine are never missing! But also evenings with a Fitzek book in the bathtub or with my family in the garden by the fire bowl, are the moments that make me so happy & grateful.

Wenn Ihr euch für Weiteres miteinbringen möchtet, dürft Ihr euch gerne bei unseren Trauzeug*innen melden.



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